AFSP IRS Sponsor Information

BestCPE is an Approved Continuing Education Sponsor for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) Preparers

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  • BestCPE is registered with the IRS under the name of our parent company:  CPE Publications, Inc.
  • AFSP IRS Approved CE Provider number is J9K6Q.
  • BestCPE has been in business since 1996 and has offered a wide variety of courses for IRS tax preparers, including EAs, RTRPs and now AFSPs (also called Other Tax Return Preparers (OTRPs)
  • Each tax and ethics course has an approved IRS program number which prints on your certificate

Look for the IRS Approved CE provider logo

As an approved CE provider, we can display the IRS logo on our website.  We also include the logo on your CE certificate, so you can feel confident your courses have been approved by the IRS.

irs logo

BestCPE Certificates of Completion meet the IRS standards for CE

Written confirmation of course completed includes:
  • Your name and address
  • CE program name
  • IRS issued program number
  • Date completed
  • Length of CE program indicating CPE credit hours 
  • Signature of a sponsor representative
  • IRS approved provider number
  • CE Provider name and address
When you pass the final exam of a course, you automatically receive a CPE certificate of completion by email from BestCPE.
  • You can also view and reprint your certificates at any time by logging into the course system.
  • Although courses must be completed within one year, your login never expires
  • All BestCPE certificates include the required information

BestCPE Reports CE courses completed to the IRS 

In accordance with IRS CE Provider requirements, BestCPE reports your courses completed and CE hours earned to the IRS directly.  CE is reported to the IRS electronically, and the IRS system checks what we submit against the PTIN information you provided to the IRS.  We are required to report all CE courses completed on a quarterly basis for the first three quarters of each year and every 10 days during the final quarter of the year.  The IRS then posts the CE courses to your PTIN account nightly.

How to make sure your CE gets reported to the IRS

We ask for your PTIN number when you enroll in a course, as required by the CE reporting requirements.  The PTIN you enter in our registration must match the first and last name you provided to the IRS with your PTIN registration.  The IRS matches the PTIN to your first and last name only, the middle name or middle initial is not considered.  

We recommend that you login to your IRS PTIN account to verify the name you have on record with the IRS and the PTIN, and then use the exact name when registering for courses.  Do not include any punctuation in your name such as hypens, commas or periods, as these will cause the CE to be rejected when we submit it.  Also, the PTIN is the letter "P" followed by 8 numbers.  Do not use the letter "O" --only use zeros in your PTIN when you enter it in our course system.

PTIN CE hours reported are viewable in your IRS account

You can log into your PTIN account on the IRS web site and view hours reported.  This will allow you to verify that all courses taken have been properly credited to your account.  We anticipate some mis-reported CE due to typos when the PTIN is entered. 

We do automatically send you an email if you have entered an invalid PTIN in your account setup, and when we submit your courses, the hours are rejected by the IRS. Definitely contact us if you don't see the courses posted to your account.