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Arizona (AZ) CPA Continuing Education (CPE) Requirements

The Arizona State Board of Accountancy does not endorse or pre-approve CPE courses or require registration by individual providers of CPE. Listed below are some of the Arizona CPA CPE requirements that apply to online continuing education. BestCPE designs its courses to meet the credit hour requirement by the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. Please use the official rules from theArizona State Board of Accountancy as the official documentation for any questions related to Arizona CPA CPE.

All holders of an Arizona CPA certificate are required every renewal period to:

  1. Complete 80 hours of CPE, regardless of whether employment is in public accounting, industry, business or government. Of the 80 hours of CPE, the following is required:

    1. A minimum of 16 hours of classroom or live/interactive webinar.

    2. A minimum of 40 hours must be in accounting, auditing, taxation, business law, or management advisory services of which a minimum of 16 hours must be in the subject areas of accounting, auditing, or taxation.

a helpful hintHelpful Hint While half of CPE may be in other categories, it is recommended that they be in subjects that promote improvement of accounting and business skills.

  1. Complete four hours of Arizona-specific ethics which includes at a minimum one hour each of the following:

    1. Ethics related to the practice of accounting including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Professional Code of Conduct.

    2. The Arizona State Board of Accountancy statutes and administrative rules.

a helpful hintHelpful Hint If you are unable to locate a course in a classroom environment, to locate a webinar, simply conduct a web search for live or interactive webinar courses. You can narrow your web search to include any topic of interest for the webinar class you are seeking. You may also want to check with the various state society websites as many of the state societies offer interactive webinar classes. You may also find other CPE providers by searching "CPE" on the web.

The Arizona State Board of Accountancy does not pre-approve CPE providers. Pursuant to A.A.C. R4-1-453(C), credit may be given for a program that provides a formal course of learning at a professional level and contributes directly to the professional competence of the participants and individual registrants are responsible for understanding whether the CPE they elect to take qualifies or not.

  1. A qualified program shall:

    1. Be developed by persons knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter

    2. Provide written outlines or full text

    3. Be administered by an instructor or organization knowledgeable in the program content

    4. Utilize teaching methods consistent with the study program


  1. Correspondence programs will qualify, if they meet the provisions above and if the sponsors maintain written records of each student's participation and records of the program outline for three years following the conclusion of the program.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, an ethics program taught or developed by an employer or co-worker of a registrant does not qualify for the ethics requirements.



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